Fiscaliber is a tax consulting office, which was established by Esther Rommel. Esther has almost 20 years experience as a tax lawyer, as part of which she worked for top accountancy and tax consulting offices in the Netherlands.

Fiscaliber advises small to medium-sized companies, private individuals, lawyers and tax professionals. In addition, Fiscaliber acts as a sparring-partner for accountants and administrative offices; and, where needed, works together with other independent tax lawyers. Fiscaliber offers quality tax advice to its clients across a wide spectrum of taxation matters.

Fiscaliber's mission embodies Esther Rommels' values for a client oriented and personalised way of working. Esther's "no-nonsense" approach is reflected in Fiscaliber's mission statement: "Sense. Not nonsense". We deliver sensible advice, and practical, no-nonsense solutions that address the unique needs of each of our clients. That's Fiscaliber, that's Esther Rommel!

Esther Rommel

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